Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love - a blogger's day of silence

Last night I sat at my computer with tears in my eyes.
As a mother, I worry about the future for my children...
Tomorrow I will be observing a day of blogging silence at my personal blog. Here at Stampin Royalty we encourage you to think of Japan.If you are as concerned about the people in Japan as we are, then please participate and pass on the word. Donate and help. You can donate at or you can donate to your local Red Cross. Please help.


  1. I wish I had known about that earlier, I would have been happy to participate. Thank you for your post - my heart also aches for them. :(

  2. Hi, I'm Chris V from Easily Amused. I created a card using your sketch which I linked up to my blog. My blog did some strange thing and deleted all the photos in my post. I would like to apologize to any of your DT that may have visited my blog to comment only to find text and no card.
    It's been a very crazy day and half and I have no idea what it was but I was able to get the photos back up.
    Thanks for your time, I know it is precious and I hope you didn't have to waste it because of my problems.
    Chris V
    PS - I hope you never have to go through this.