Friday, May 12, 2017

Pressing Pause

Hello, everyone!
There have been some unexpected changes behind the scenes at the Stampin' Royalty Palace,
And while we are navigating these changes, we will be pressing the pause button
 on our Goddess Challenges for a short time.
We will have the winners for the last challenge up in the next few days, and we know in the meantime you will be able to find lots of lovely inspiration on the web!
We hope you will come see us again when we return! 

Thank you so much, and we'll be back soon! 

The Stampin' Royalty Goddesses


  1. sure hope all is well and you gals will return!

    have a great weekend *~*

  2. Hope those unexpected changes flow smoothly and I'm looking forward to more of your challenges in the future.

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